Director: Jorge Thielen Armand
Producer: Rodrigo Michelangeli
Writers: Jorge Thielen Armand, Rodrigo Michelangeli


Capturing the life of REAL people amidst the Venezuelan crisis,ÿLa Soledadÿis the story of Jos‚, a young father who discovers that the dilapidated mansion he inhabits will soon be demolished. Desperate TO save his family FROM homelessness, Jos‚ begins a search FOR a cursed treasure that IS rumored TO be buried IN the house.





Director: Eva Munyiri Producer: Jean Meeran Writer: Eva Munyiri

Strike A Rock

Director: Aliki Saragas Producers: Aliki Saragas, Liani Maasdorp, Anita Khanna Writer: Aliki Saragas

Skulls of My People

Director: Vincent Moloi Producers: Vincent Moloi, Lodi Matsetela, Makgano Mamabolo Writers: Vincent Moloi, Lodi Matsetela, Makgano Mamabolo

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