The Unseen

Director: Perivi Katjavivi
Screenplay: Perivi Katjavivi
Cinematographer: Antonius Tsuob
Cast: Antonio David Lyons, Senga Brockerhoff, Mathew Ishitile
Language: English, Afrikaans with English subtitles

Unfolding more like a conversation than a narrative, The Unseen follows the story of three wandering souls as they navigate the emotional and physical realities of post-colonial Namibia. First there is Marcus, an African American actor tasked with portraying one of Namibia s historical leaders. Seeking authenticity in his craft, he embarks on an earnest research mission to unveil the  true history of his character. Then there is Anu, a talented local musician who is having trouble negotiating between his influences and identity. Lastly, there is Sara, a depressed young woman uncertain of whether or not her environment provides anything worth living for.



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